Computer Laboratory...

  • Computer Software Laboratory: These laboratories are equipped with 90 personal computers (HCL P-IV, IBM P-IV, HCL Celeron), Dot matrix Printers and Multimedia kits. Practical based on subjects like Programming Languages, Object Oriented Programming, Data and information Security are carried out in these laboratories.
  • Computer Design Laboratory: These laboratories are furnished with 46 (IBM P-IV, HCL Celeron) Computer Systems, Printers and Multimedia Kits. Practical based on Subjects like Data Structure, Software Packages, Database Management System, Visualization & Presentation, Software Engineering are carried out in these laboratories.
  • Internet Laboratory: This laboratory is equipped with 22 (HCL Pentium IV) and 1 HCL Net-Manager Server Computer Systems, Printer and Necessary Radio-Link and Leased Line Equipment Like CISCO Router, One RAID Modema and Bandwidth Management Tool. Project work based on subjects like Internet Technology, Internet Engineering is carried out in this laboratory. Internet facility is available with 384 kbps radio-link connectivity and 64kbps leased-line capacity accessible by 50 computers.
  • Server Room: It is equipped with 2 IBM X series X226 Server & 1 HCL Net Manager Server. All software required for various engineering applications on all platforms are available. It is assured that each student occupies separate PC for sufficient practice in the laboratory.