First Year
Subject Code Subject Name View/Download
1CS2010101 Fundamentals of Programming View
1CS2010102 Web Technologies View
1CS2010103 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science View
1CS2010104 Fundamentals of Computer Organization View
1CS2010105 Communications Skills View
1CS2010106 Workshop – I (Introduction to Office Automation Tools) View
1CS2010201 Data Structures View
1CS2010202 Object Oriented Programming View
1CS2010203 Enterprise Resource Planning View
1CS2010204 Database Management Systems View
1CS2010205 Computer-Oriented Numerical & Statistical Methods View
1CS2010206 Workshop – II (Introduction to Simulation and Statistical Tools) View
Second Year
Subject Code Subject Name View/Download
1CS2010301 Structured & Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methodology View
1CS2010302 Operating System View
1CS2010303 Operations Research View
1CS2010304 Programming with C++ View
1CS2010305 Programming with Java View
1CS2010306 Programming with Python View
1CS2010307 Procedure Programming in SQL View
1CS2010308 Image Processing View
1CS2010309 Dynamic HTML View
1CS2010310 Workshop-III(Introduction to Computer Hardware, Peripherals & Networking Devices) View
1CS2010311 Yoga, Meditation and Critical Thinking View
1CS2010401 Fundamentals of Networking View
1CS2010402 Data Warehouse & Data Mining View
1CS2010403 Advanced Database Management System View
1CS2010404 Advanced Java Programming View
1CS2010405 Advanced Python View
1CS2010406 Data Analytics with R View
1CS2010407 Programming with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) View
1CS2010408 Cyber Security & Forensic(CSF) View
1CS2010409 Information Security View
1CS2010410 Research Methodology and Technical Communication View
Third Year
Subject Code Subject Name View/Download
1CS2010501 Software Engineering (SE) View
1CS2010502 Android Programming(AP) View
1CS2010503 Design & Analysis of Algorithms (DAA) View
1CS2010504 Cloud Computing(CC) View
1CS2010505 Big Data Analytics (BDA) View
1CS2010506 Information Retrieval(IR) View
1CS2010507 Advanced Networking(AN) View
1CS2010508 Machine Learning (ML) View
1CS2010509 System Development Project-I(SDP-I) View
1CS2010510 Digital Technology(DT) View
1CS2010601 System Development Project-II View